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Welsh Wise Quiz


On the 6th February, when Ruthin School was closed to celebrate Chinese New Year, six students travelled to Castell Alun School, to compete in the Welshwise Quiz. On arrival we were given a very warm welcome. We were shown to our tables in the hall and we were divided into two teams. In the hall there were other schools from across North Wales.

As the competition commenced, the rules were explained. There were eight rounds: six as a team and two individually. Also, in one round, a bonus could be achieved which enabled marks to be doubled.

The questions were based on different aspects of geography e.g. fieldwork, map skills and places in Wales. At the end of each round the answers to the questions were announced. We did fairly well on each section. Our team, Ruthin School 1, used the bonus on sustainable Wales.

Half way through there was a fifteen minute break, enabling the students to receive refreshments and there were also prizes and certificates for all teams at the end.

Overall we had a wonderful, enjoyable time and we hope we will be doing it again soon! Well done to the winning team!

By Abigail

Posted on: February 18, 2019