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Start of Year Activities 2017

The new school year started on Wednesday 13th September with the arrival of 156 new students, making a total of 355 students for the coming year. The day started with a meeting in the Hall followed by tutor induction. The afternoon allowed everyone to get together and immerse themselves in the house competition of country games. This is always an excellent ice breaker where students competed on space hoppers, human table football, welly wanging and ‘It’s a knockout’. It was an afternoon of fun and competition. The competition was won by Brunel who have now won seven events in a row.

On Thursday all of Forms 1-3 went to Bala Lake and took part in a variety of water based activities including paddle boarding, wind surfing, kayaking plus camp craft. It was a showery day with spells of warm sunshine. All students and some staff threw themselves into the activities making it an enjoyable occasion.

Forms 4-5 stayed in school that day and undertook the Stock Market Challenge run by Mr French and Dr Fairbank. This event allowed students to take roles within a stock market scenario and make or lose lots of shares and money. All students liked the event which was enhanced by the tutors of F4-5 encouraging and participating. In the afternoon the students experienced a variety of enrichment activities which will help them make their activity choices during the year.

On Friday Forms 4-5 travelled to Bala to undertake water sports activities. However, the weather was not kind.This was overcome by tutors leading the way on the water followed by their tutor groups. Although it was extremely cold all participated and it proved to be a worthwhile event.

Forms 1-3 took part in a critical thinking exercise run by Inspiring Futures where they had to build a bridge from dried spaghetti, most of which ended up on the floor! This was followed by an advertising campaign and organising a major event; all skills they may need in the future.

These 3 days introducing the start of the school year enabled all students to develop friendships and experience Ruthin School life. This is extremely important for all our new students. Their transition into the school will now be much smoother and, for those who are 1000’s of miles away from home, less daunting.

Posted on: September 25, 2017