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Spelling Bee Competition

Once again recently we enjoyed the new import from the United States, that is the popular academic competition of ‘The Spelling Bee.’ The formula is familiar: words of increasing complexity are read out – whereupon competitors are to spell out loud, without hesitation or repetition.

This new challenge was initiated last year by Churchill House, who hosted once again another competition on Friday 10th February. The Bee was well supported – and once again there was a real buzz in the air. Again, like last year, this friendly vying of wits was enacted in a great spirit of fun and friendly competition.

Competitors from the five Houses (from Forms 1-3) lined up on stage, and each in their turn, stepped up to the microphone, to spell a series of graded words. ‘One slip and you’re out!’ Contestants who seemed to predominate in the first round were suddenly toppled in the second round. Each bout was keen and well contested. Special attention herewith should be accorded to Simone in Form 2, who volunteered herself. She was the only contestant whose mother tongue was not English. Well done to all involved.

Winners: Austen House.

Posted on: March 6, 2017