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Netball v Kingsmead

On Wednesday, September 18th, we welcomed a netball team from Kingsmead on the Wirral. We were really looking forward to this match as our previous engagement against St David’s last term had been cancelled at the last minute because of bad weather.

This was to be the first time that our squad was to play as a team and our expectation levels were high.

The match was divided into four, ten minute sessions. At the end of the first session, Ruthin trailed by four goals to nil, mainly because of the actions of a strong Goal Attack on the opposing team. A change of positioning and players for the second session, together with excellent passing and footwork, culminated in Ruthin’s surge forward.

Sophie’s strategies as Captain were particularly productive and Ruthin won the match with a fantastic score of 15 -9.

Congratulations to Izzy and Grace who were named as ‘Players of the Match’.

We look forward to our next match!

Written by Abigail

Posted on: September 25, 2019