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Moel Famau Sponsored Walk

Students in forms 1-4 enjoyed a welcome change to their usual studies and activities by spending an afternoon walking up Moel Famau. This iconic peak watches over the school’s back playing field and is usually only viewed by students looking out of the window but this was their chance to hike to the top. A convoy of minibuses dropped everybody off in the forest car park on the far-side. A steep climb through the woods quickly made them aware that this walk was going to be a challenge! The path rose out of the trees and levelled on to open hill-side, providing some welcome relief before the final steep section up a trail of loose rocks and scree took us to the summit. This was a perfect place to have lunch and the students created mini-picnic communities all over the peak. The bright and breezy weather even allowed them to fly a kite up there. The long path back down to school still awaited but some (Elias, Ethan, Harry, Berwyn, Macs and Ranija) had decided to make this into some kind of race and stretched the crocodile of students and teachers a very long way! The clouds parted and the sun gained warmth as the hikers trickled back to school and rested their legs.

In addition to bagging a 554m summit, everybody donated £1 towards the school charities. The staff would like to thank all of the students for their commitment and excellent behaviour. Well done to all.

Posted on: June 10, 2019