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Literary Lunch report

The Literary Lunch group discussed ‘Oranges are not the Only Fruit’ by Jeanette Winterson while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of our brand-new café. Although this brilliant book was not universally liked by the group, we all appreciated the messages behind the tale. As well as religious morals of huge importance, this book presents the problems of discrimination, and the evolution of human acceptance surrounding sexuality and gender fluidity. The book, published in 1985, highlights just how far the human race has come. Born in the 21st century and raised to accept all people and their differences, we found that the intolerance shown towards Jeanette and the horrors that she endured (including an exorcism), were shocking for us to read. After the initial discussion of these morals and our views on the book, we each answered a question about the text (which had been assigned to us previously). The teachers then proposed three new books on the theme of ‘war’. After a very difficult decision, the majority of the literary lunch voted for ‘The Siege,’ by Helen Dunmore, which we all look forward to reading and eventually discussing at our next meeting. (by Ffion)

The Importance of Reading

For me, reading is an escape. I used to read a lot when I was younger because there was nothing much else to do, I could finish a book – no matter what size or genre – purely because of the whole joy of finishing a good book. I would then recommend my favourites to my friends and let them borrow my copy, most of which I never got back. Much like travelling, reading opened my mind to more ideas, other people’s lives and accepting different opinions but also creating strong opinions of my own. Reading also opened my eyes, to the way others have lived and felt. By reading I’ve been able to live hundreds of lives instead of just my own. Thanks to all the books I have read, I have become very ambitious and believe I can be anything I want to be. I actually used to change my mind every week of what I wanted to be depending on what book I was reading at the time. However, I also used reading to improve my grammar and vocabulary. I use reading as exercise for my brain because it needs to grow and become stronger like all the other muscles in the body.

For me, reading is a way to escape the world, a way to learn and improve and because of that, I’m proud that I have the ability to read well and to also enjoy reading. (by Frances)

Posted on: February 8, 2019

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