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Hill Fort Run

The traditional Hill Fort Run from school and back via the top of Foel Fenlli took place on the afternoon of the 15th June. Weather was perfect for running with a slight breeze cooling the runners down. Around 70 runners began the race, although some of these were younger students in Forms 1 to 3 who would complete the shorter run to the car park at the base of Foel Fenlli and back. The first person to return was Sion E (F3) who covered the shorter race in 58mins 54secs. Mr Orchard was the first participant to return from the longer run in 1 hr  5mins 46secs. The traditional jar of ‘Oxford’ marmalade was presented to the first student returning in the longer run. For the second year running this was John K (U6). Many students completed the courses and deserve congratulations for firstly taking part and then finishing the run in their own way. The highlights were:

Foel Fenlli Hill Fort Run

Senior Boy : 2nd  overall,  John K 1 hr 12mins 6secs (Presented with the traditional ‘Oxford’ marmalade)

[John was the best senior last year as well but 8mins 7 seconds slower than this year]

Senior Girl : 28th overall,  Molli C, 2 hrs 6mins

Intermediate Girl : 18th overall , Lauren M, 1 hr 36mins 4secs

Intermediate Boy: 3rd overall, Taewoo K, 1 hr 12mins 23secs

Staff : 1st  overall Mr Orchard , 1 hr 5min 46secs [2 mins 13secs faster than last year when he was also the first staff member]

Foel Fenlli Car Park Run

Junior Boy:  1st overall, Sion E F3, 58mins 54 secs

[This is only the second time this run took place – Sion’s time is a record. His time is 12mins 38secs faster than last year’s time]

Junior Girl: 2nd overall,  Milly J F2, 1hr 5mins 5 secs

[This is only the second time this run took place – Milly’s time is a record. Her time is 21mins 1 sec faster than last year’s winning time and 40mins 5secs faster than her own time last year]. Excellent Milly.

Posted on: June 16, 2017

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