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GCSE Results 2019

Ruthin School students have, yet again, achieved outstanding results. This year, over 70% of all grades are at A*-A (2018: 65%). Over half of all grades (54%) were at A*, a large increase from the 43% achieved in 2018.

A number of students did particularly well, with 31 out of the 41 in the cohort gaining more than 5 A* and A grades.

The top 6 students (all with at least 10 A*) were:

  • Rosy – 12A*
  • Annie – 11A* 1A
  • Ngoman – 11A* 1A
  • Alicia – 11A* 1A
  • Misty – 11A*
  • Sion – 10A* 1A

Most of our grades are recorded using the English 9-1 scale. However, as the Welsh GCSE system (not followed by Ruthin School) still uses the A*-G grading system, our results have been converted for comparison purposes.

Following on from last week’s outstanding A Level performance, the GCSE results demonstrate that Ruthin is firmly established as one of the best academic schools in the UK.

Parents choose Ruthin School, first and foremost, because they want a school that will provide a robust academic education with strong support from gifted academic teachers. Our students will have so many opportunities in the future due to their achievement in formal examinations.

These results end a phenomenal year for Ruthin School, that saw the opening of its £5.5m dining hall, an Estyn Inspection where Ruthin School outperformed all other secondary schools in Denbighshire (achieving Excellent and Good in all categories), and continued university success, with most students gaining entry to a Top-10 university (including 7 to Oxbridge.)

Congratulations, yet again, to the students of Ruthin School!

Posted on: August 26, 2019