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County Games 2018


Another school year about to begin, with pupils congregating in Ruthin School, new uniform unpacked, textbooks dusted off – a year of studies, preps, tests and ‘swotting up’ for imminent exams, all in front of us! The summer holidays now a fading memory, there is a brief pause, a breathing space of a few days before term recommences.

The event that starts the school year in recent times has been The Country Games: a chaotic celebration of teamwork, friendly competition and camaraderie. What better way to start things off?

There were old favourites such as the Sack Race, Egg and Spoon Race and Balancing-a-Bean-Bag-on your-Head Race as well as a Double Space Hopper Race. Throwing rubber wellington boots provided unorthodox entertainment for the assembled crowds.

There was also the 5-a-side-Football and a Surfing challenge (how long can you stay on the wildly gyrating board?) A record was established by Mrs Kenworthy and the surprisingly agile Mr Rimmer at 45 seconds. One of my favourite snapshots of the afternoon was Christopher (U6) ‘hula-hooping’ whilst eating a sandwich. Very cool!

There was something for everyone. Events culminated in an ‘It’s a Knockout,’ involving all sectors of the house, from the youngest to the eldest: through the tunnel, under the camouflage nets, donning disguises, braving water jets. The winning house this year was Churchill House, although everyone who competed had great fun and acquitted themselves excellently.

Now the busy round of house activities begins – with the 5-a-Side Football starting on 25th September and rolling on through the next two terms. We have the Junior Quiz on 6th October and shortly afterwards all houses will be involved in Ruthin School’s Open Day 2018 on Saturday 13th October in a variety of ‘hands on’ activities. Here’s to a busy year!


Posted on: September 18, 2018