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Form 4 Field Trip

On 6th June, the Form 4 Biology and Geography students visited the Loggerheads Country Park and the pond at Bod Petrual to investigate the distribution of freshwater invertebrates. Armed with fishing nets and identification charts they waded into the water and collected their samples, before counting the number of different species and the number of individual invertebrates at each site.

Once back in the lab, they collated their results and looked for differences in the populations of invertebrates that indicate the quality of water at each site.
There were twenty different species recorded, most invertebrates were found at the Loggerheads site. Infact, there were over a thousand freshwater shrimps at the Loggerheads site!

All Form 4 were well behaved and enthusiastic about their task, despite several discovering holes in their wellies. The weather was great, allowing time to consume ice cream.

Posted on: June 23, 2016

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