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Form 3 Utopias and Havens

Form 3 English Literature pupils have been studying ideal worlds, utopias and havens this term, which seems more appropriate than ever at this strange time. Here are two of their descriptions, very different but equally compelling, distinctively personal and yet pleasingly human.

My safe little haven’

Now that I think about it, my safe little haven is different to others. Particularly in size. I suppose, it’s only human to want a big house with high ceilings, posh cars, maybe even a pool and servants that answer to your every need. Not me. No, mine is a little different. An anomaly, as some would say.

In my safe little haven, the weather would be cold. It would be raining – purely for the sound, of course – yet snow would stick to the ground. Let it, however, not be snowing as falling snow tends to disappoint me. I had once thought – or rather hoped- that each drifting snowflake would be unique – special; yet in reality, they simply look like tiny little scrunched up paper balls. But, please heaven, don’t make me go out into snow covered grounds. Sure, it’s pretty, until it squelches under your feet, melts and then oozes into your socks.

Naturally, I have my necessities. There needs to be a laptop- that one I don’t think I can live without, as well as a desk with a comfortable chair that reaches just the right height in order to type with complete ease. As for the room, it would have to be a little extra medium in size, with large windows covered with long white curtains and a colour pallet of black, white and Ebony. A white chair, a white bed, an Ebony desk, a beautiful black tv, a huge classic white grand piano, black walls covered with framed pictures of my family, friends and me – with one statement wall (in Ebony of course,) – and most importantly, a large display shelf. When I say large, I mean large. On top of the shelf would be covered in candles with the scent of apple and cinnamon. Around a quarter of this shelf would be stacked with books; all my favourite books. Needless to say, a generous proportion of this would be devoted to ‘The complete works of William Shakespeare’, all 37 plays, 154 sonnets and his narrative poems. The rest of this space being for schoolbooks, notebooks, sketchbooks etc.

The remaining quarters would be for art. The three different kinds. In my case, dance, fashion and paint. All paintings, of course, would be my own (for I know of no better), all neatly framed and hung. There they would neatly counterpoint photos, certificates and other mementos of my dance journey through the course of the past 6 years or so. And finally, fashion. For this, I would need a huge proportion of the remaining space to fit all of my clothes, sketches, display boards, aspirations and idol quotes (probably the most colourful part of my room). Across from this, in between my bed and piano would be my tv setup. Facing the Tv would be a fairly small black sofa, comfortable enough to be a substitute for my bed on those slow, lousy days.

In my safe little haven, my chair and bed would be my home, my desk would be my school, my Tv would be my theatre, my books and laptop my saviour, my art would be my life’s work, my piano be my aesthetic, my muse; and as for my room, well, my room would be my world…my safe little haven.


My ideal world

My ideal world is small. Have you ever seen an old bookshop? Yes, like that. A little bit poky, a lot of books, perfect. It may look chaotic but I would bet my…hmm no I don’t wear a hat… I would bet my socks I would know where every book is. It wouldn’t actually be a bookshop mind (I wouldn’t part with my books for anything, except perhaps to lend them to my close friends as long as they look after them properly) so it would be more a dragon’s hoard, and I the dragon. For the sake of passive aggressive-ness I might put a ‘closed’ sign on the door permanently.

Instead of a bedroom I would have a nook in one of the walls, surrounded with, you guessed it, books, and a mattress on the floor. And blankets, lots and lots of blankets. A double bed mattress of course, it’s my ideal world I’m not having a single bed. That’s boring.

Because I’m not tall, there would need to be a few ladders for the higher shelves. And, of course, an abundance of tea. Lots of other drinks too, just mostly tea. My motto is, if it’s after noon, you can have afternoon tea. At this point it might be wise to point out that in my opinion it’s after noon till noon the next day. I’d have a small section of my bookshop with a few armchairs so my friends can visit. There’d be a coffee table, maybe a few more books, tea. The WIFI would be excellent and there would be a treasure hunt for the password which I would change every so often just to mess with people. Shiny things, I would like them just lying around, because shiny things spread joy. Also, I would like a red phone box, that just stands there, perhaps with a tea making station in.

There you have it, my little oasis of chaotic calm. That’s it right there, chaos and calm. And tea.



Posted on: October 20, 2020