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Football v Kingsmead

After only starting school 2 days ago, Ruthin had only managed to squeeze in one training session before this friendly match. However, due to good training work at the end of last year the team was relatively fit.

The game started very well for Ruthin with calm passages of play to start with between Thomas and the wide midfielders. However, right from kick off we could tell that Kingsmead were a very physical side with a very compact midfield. The use of a very short pitch did not help matters for space to be created for Ruthin’s midfield. The game went on with Qing making a few saves from set piece. A few half chances came Ruthin’s way, but none were converted due to Kingsmead’s strong defence. Just before the end of the half, a pass was played from Hugo all the way down the line to Taewoo, who used his pace and skill to beat the defender and the GK to make it 1-0 to Ruthin.

The last 5 minutes of the half were dominated by Ruthin, who played very calm passing football using Tom as the main playmaker. Having just joined the school David had a very impressive debut with a solid work effort. A very solid first half, which was praised by Mr Rimmer, even though Iestyn (C) was unhappy about a few unfair challenges on the team, especially when Christopher was taken out in the box.

Ruthin entered the second half with heads held high and ready for more. The half started with Ruthin playing strongly, although Kingsmead seemed to be tighter as a unit and harder to play through. This resulted in many balls over the top being scooped up by the keeper. After about 5 minutes of playing, a long goal kick caught the midfield and defence off guard and bounced over them to allow their striker to be one on one with Qing and make it 1-1. Due to this, team spirit was down a bit.

Almost immediately a midfielder from Kingsmead punished the midfields lack of closing down by scoring a great goal. Kingsmead now led 2-1 after 10 minutes of the second half. This goal combined with a continuous onslaught of challenges which the referee allowed. Frustrated, Iestyn made a tackle on the edge of the box which was given as a foul. The Kingsmead midfield dipped it over the wall making it 3-1.

Despite this, Ruthin found some hope and started playing well again with Callum coming on instead of Elvis and Oliver coming on for an injured Osian. Once again Thomas and Christopher linked up well and used Taewoo to give Ruthin a fighting chance whilst attacking. After a few good through balls from the midfield to the wide men Ruthin won a corner. The ball came in, but was cleared away as far as the edge of the box, where Iestyn was waiting. He slotted the ball to the keeper’s right to make it 3-2 . Sadly, Iestyn missed an opportunity to make it 3-3.

An impressive performance from the whole squad. Man of the Match – Taewoo for his running and attacking ability.

Posted on: September 26, 2016