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Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

Cambridge Chemistry competition 2The Cambridge Chemistry Challenge is a challenging exam that tests beyond the scope of A-level chemistry. Nationally, there were over 7,200 students taking this exam from 520 schools, including Ruthin School, in June 2016. We were thrilled when three of our students, Betty, Veronica and Lee, achieved the top award: Roentgenium! Only 55 students managed to gain this award and they were all invited to a residential summer camp at St Catherine’s College at Cambridge University. They enjoyed lectures on various cutting edge aspects of chemistry and attended workshops to improve their theoretical and practical skills. They were also invited to give presentations at the prestigious “Goldsmiths Hall” in London on 12th December. This meant delaying their flights home for Christmas, but our students remained focused on the challenge of giving accomplished presentations about various chemical elements and did themselves proud and received trophies for their efforts. This is the fourth year that Ruthin School students have earned the Roentgenium award and we hope that we can continue to extend our proud history of success in chemistry in the future. Congratulations to Betty, Veronica and Lee!


Posted on: January 19, 2017