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Barn Dance

Last Friday night, students, staff and parents rolled up for what has become an annual celebration, eager for an evening of live music and communal dancing. Students in the Folk Band, having given up their lunchtimes to rehearse sets of tunes (arranged by Mr Sennett), entertained the assembled crowd and accompanied the dances. Under the steady hand of Mr Blandford, eager dancers were introduced to simple steps and taught how to do the ‘Reel Step’ and to Polka. Dancing commenced with instructions which allowed dancers to glide and hop their way across the floor with comparative facility.
Everyone who attended enjoyed what was a really great evening, with funds raised going towards our chosen Churchill house charity, Macmillan. Also, the general manager of the local Tesco branch was kind enough to donate two prizes for the raffle. In between everything, we were privileged to be entertained by Simone, Richard, Vanellope and Anita with their unique and enchanting musical interludes. Many thanks to all those involved.

Posted on: November 20, 2018

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