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Top 8 benefits of attending a summer course at Ruthin School

Ruthin School is proud to have developed a renowned global reputation for providing the highest levels of education and student care in the UK and this year we invite students to benefit from our Summer School course.

There is a long tradition of overseas students coming to the UK to study and benefit from a world-class education and our Summer School is a tremendous opportunity for students to enjoy a specially tailored course that will meet their academic, social and cultural needs in preparation for study in the UK during the course of the academic year.

Our aim is for students to develop their English skills, gain skills required for various subjects and cover subject-specific material which will enable them to commence GCSE or AS Level courses at an appropriate level.

Below we’ve outlined some of the ways that students who decide to study in the UK can benefit from attending Ruthin School this summer and beyond.

The perfect opportunity to experience British boarding school life

One of the key benefits of students undertaking a summer course in the UK is the opportunity to experience boarding school life.

During term time Ruthin School hosts over 200 students from a multitude of backgrounds and nationalities, all of whom live on-site during the academic year.

However, at Ruthin School, our boarding facilities offer a lot more than just a place for a student to live. Students are encouraged to meet new people, explore new places and progress on their path to adulthood within a supportive environment.

For those who have never experienced being away from home before, particularly students who are travelling from overseas to study in the UK, the Summer School provides the perfect opportunity to settle into boarding life before the academic term begins.

Improve student social skills

Many international students come to the UK during the summer to attend a UK summer school for this reason. Spending time in an English speaking country, while also interacting with other students their age who are in a similar environment and situation can help improve their language and social skills and enable them to hit the ground running once the academic year begins and they become full board students.

Taking part in a Summer course in the UK is also mutually beneficial for both overseas students and UK based students alike as they have the opportunity to share their life experiences with one another in addition to sharing valuable insight into their practical and academic skill base and experiences.

Boost a student’s confidence

Our summer school has been meticulously designed to help students study, thrive and succeed, with a comprehensive curriculum that helps students get a head-start on the next level of their education.

However, we have also organised a comprehensive social programme, which is developed to help students improve their spoken English outside the classroom and boost their confidence. This programme runs each evening after dinner (7.30pm onwards), takes place both on and off-site and changes on a weekly basis.

See more of the UK

One of the attractions of studying overseas in the UK is having the opportunity to see the sights.

Excursions form an integral part of our Summer School, with the summer course including three weekend trips to Oxford, Cambridge and London respectively, whilst a number of day trips to Chester, Liverpool and Manchester will also form part of the school co-curricular activities this summer.

Be part of a tailor-made course

We will be offering a course that is uniquely formatted to give students the best introduction to the British way of life, whilst also giving them the key skills to thrive in the UK.

The course will include 28 periods of academic lessons per week. In total, 20 periods are given to English Language and one hour twenty each week (2 periods per subject) is given to Economics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics with Geography offering a two-day practical experience.

Students will also follow a programme which covers the British way of life. In addition to etiquette, manners and culture (as referred to above) this programme seeks to ensure that students are safe in the UK and so covers such aspects as road safety, security of personal possessions and online safety.

This makes up 4 hours of teaching per week. Additionally, students will participate in 6 hours of varied sporting activities per week including archery and basketball amongst others.

Make new international friends

Our summer course also provides the perfect platform for students to develop life-long friendships with fellow students from across the globe.

Ruthin School is a rich cultural hub that has been welcoming overseas students for decades and this summer will be no different.

Build a sense of independence

Living overseas can pose many challenges, however, with careful guidance from school staff and mentors, students are able to develop their life skills and form a strong sense of independence that will prove invaluable to them throughout their lives.

Living amongst other students will also help them consolidate their identity and form a strong sense of wellbeing as they move into adulthood.

Get to know school staff

The summer school is a great opportunity for overseas students to get to know school staff in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our supportive and highly-skilled staff enable the school to help students to excel in their academic studies and enjoy a vibrant range of co-curricular activities and they are one of the defining factors in Ruthin School being recognised as one of the UK’s top schools academically whilst also being a warm and happy place to learn. Our staff work closely with each other and the students under their stewardship to not only secure places at the very best universities, but also to equip each students with the resilience, confidence and soft skills needed for their futures.

Be part of our Summer Course

There is still availability for a place at our Summer School in 2022 and we would love to welcome students from both the UK and abroad to enjoy this exceptional course.

The Summer School course dates are as follows:
• Student arrival – 13th July
• Academic teaching begins – 18th July
• End of course – 26th August
• Guardians collect – 27th August
• Boarders return – 3rd September

For further information contact, or you can view the Summer School brochure and learn more about the school by clicking here.

Posted on: April 14, 2022