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The staff provide a supportive environment in which the personal development of pupils flourishes.

English Language is taught at Ruthin by a department of fully qualified, dedicated EAL specialists who have worked and taught English all over the world – from China and South America to many European countries. The staff have many years experience of teaching the public examinations sat by overseas pupils.

Overseas pupils are encouraged to use English, socially and by going into Ruthin, opening bank accounts and shopping. They initially will be accompanied by a pupil who has reached a higher level of proficiency. Socially they will interact with the English pupils, engage in sporting activities, read English newspapers and watch television.

Many take part in the school’s activities programme and with increased confidence and experience are able to visit Chester and Manchester and cope with the language demands.

There are frequent opportunities for singing, taking part in dramatic performances and other group activities. All are encouraged to participate in these, quickly gaining confidence and, ultimately, fluency in English.

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