International Students

Our overseas pupils settle in very well and gain entry to top-ranking British Universities.

Entering a School in a strange culture can be a daunting experience. Our overseas pupils settle in very well and the majority gain entry to a top-ranking British University.

Overseas pupils are accepted from age 11. Obviously the earlier they join the School the more rapid will be their progress in acquiring English. The School has accepted overseas pupils from a wide range of locations including Japan, Korea, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Colombia, Argentina, Russia, Canada, China, Nepal, Jordan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Botswana, Lesotho, Nigeria, Belarus, Estonia, Taiwan, India, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Ukraine, Kazahkstan and the Gambia.

Some join at age 15 or 16 and if their English is deemed to be acceptable they can start at once on an A-Level programme. Others are likely to require a year of English and subject-specific English before embarking on A-Levels.