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Hillfort run

Hill Fort Run

Cross-country runs 100, 200 perhaps 300 years ago. “… long, arduous runs, often upon the Clwydian Range … a pot of jam for a prize”.

The Hill-Fort Run as we know it was the brainchild of the late Keith Kenyon-Thompson, Hon.O.R., himself a keen and powerful cross-country runner. Of these facts, and no doubt others which he must have come upon whilst writing his Ruthin School, the First Seven Centuries, enriched with embroideries from his lively imagination, he wove a piece of “folk-lore” on which an abiding tradition is now based.

The Run takes place during the summer term. There has been an increased entry from parents, ORs and staff, including the Principal and Vice-Principal, and many excellent times have been recorded. Over the years the Run has grown to the extent that over 70 regularly participate and a number tackle it every year. The handsome Morrison Challenge Cup, the gift of the late Colonel E.M. Morrison, together with a pot of marmalade, is presented to the first Ruthin School boy to complete the Run, and the RSA Cup and a pot of marmalade are presented to the first girl back. The winning House is awarded the Sporting Chance Shield. The Rowlands Brothers Endeavour Shield is awarded each year to a pupil who stands out for their effort. The event finishes with a BBQ organised by pupils from one of the Houses.

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