ruthin school


Girls are accommodated in Wynne, Ellis or Goodman. Rooms accommodate either 1 or 2 pupils.

Continued developments in the communal areas have led to the kitchen becoming the hub of the house in the evenings, with all the girls proficient at cooking rather than relying on quick fix goodies.

Comments made by Boarders.

“Being away from your family is hard, especially when you’re younger, but boarding is different. Most of the older girls in the boarding area take care of us; when we’re down they’ll comfort us until we’re better. We have easy access to the Internet so it is very easy to keep in touch with our friends and family back home.”

“I first came here thinking this place is big and scary and there is no-one here that I know and I’ll get left out. That night everything changed from leaving my mum and dad to having most of the boarders in my room.  I’ve been here for three years now. A lot of things have changed like when the girls’ kitchen after many months was finally finished and I’ve moved from sharing a room at the beginning of the year to having a room on my own.”