ruthin school


Boy boarders are housed in Gladstone, Casson or Trevor.

Pool and snooker competitions are in great demand, particularly in the autumn term. Television, especially the sports channels, is extremely popular, and it has been known for the boys to request a change in the time of lunch to coincide with half time in a crucial Premier league match.

The boys are also proficient at cooking; it is a very important post-prep activity, particularly at weekends. All boarding houses have large kitchens so that a range of cuisine from all over the world can be prepared.

Comments made by Boarders.

“Boarding is a great experience and adventure. You meet new people and when you start boarding it is such a different environment from home. I have met loads of people since I started boarding  when I was 10. Now, 7 years on, I am still at the school. Ruthin is a great school and  I share my room with one other lad and we are good mates. There are about 40 lads in the boarding house and we all share everything: the kitchen, the TV, the pool and snooker tables, the showers and the phones.”

“I have been here for a year. The staff and other boarders are very welcoming. I enjoy life in Gladstone with mates and being able to do things that interest us. Recently there has been a sports hall built which enables us to play games there. Then a wireless network was installed so boarders could access the Internet from their dorms. After that we had a new kitchen.”