Full boarding available – including holidays.

Pupils are accommodated in one of six boarding houses – Archbishop Williams House (boys in Forms 1 – 5), Russell House (boys in L6), Trevor House (boys in U6), Wynne House (girls in Forms 1 – 5), Ellis House (girls in L6) and Goodman House (girls in U6).

Each boarding house has a resident Houseparent and an assistant Houseparent. The staff look after the pupils in the evenings, at weekends and in the half-term and Easter holidays. The Houseparents take full responsibility for the pastoral care of the pupils in their house. The Principal acts in loco parentis for all pupils and is the legal guardian for all boarding pupils.

The School employs three full time nurses (two fully residential) to advise on medical issues. The school doctor visits weekly to hold a surgery for boarders.

The accommodation in each house consists mainly of single or double rooms. All rooms in Goodman House and Trevor House are single with their own bathroom.

Wireless Internet is provided in each boarding house so that the boarders can communicate with friends and family using WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook and Skype. The connection is monitored and closed at 11 pm (earlier for the younger pupils).