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IGCSE Course

IGCSEs (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) were introduced in 1988 and are taken in over 120 countries. IGCSEs are internationally recognised as a highly- respected official high school qualification and are excellent preparation for international students who wish to enter UK schools, as they act as a gateway to further academic study at Level 3, such as A level in the UK and beyond.

The 1-year IGCSE course enables students to achieve the same qualification that British students gain in two years.

The shorter, more intensive course is suitable for those who wish to enter the British education system but whose academic cycle is misaligned in some way. This could typically be a student whose date of birth makes them too old or too young for the usual entry for a particular cohort or the academic year runs from January to January, rather than September to September. Sometimes a student may wish to study A levels in the UK but does not have experience of all the subjects they wish to study. The IGCSE 1-year course will provide them with the opportunity to study these subjects to give them the grounding they need to start A levels the following year.

The programme is a challenging academic course as it accelerates learning to one year of study rather than the usual two years.

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