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Academic study runs through the heart of school life at Ruthin School


Academic study runs through the heart of school life at Ruthin.

Ruthin is committed to providing a first-class education for all its pupils and is one of the top ten schools in the United Kingdom based on our academic performance. We achieve this, alongside our wrap around pastoral care, by combining top quality teaching with full academic support to our pupils through our system of academic mentors and tutors, and rigorous performance assessment.

Academic details: Our curriculum is broad-based and balanced and we offer small class sizes to our pupils. The School offers a wide range of GCSE, AS and A level courses and is proud of its outstanding academic achievement with a high percentage of our A level results at grade A or A*.

Many of our pupils apply to top universities in the UK and abroad, including Oxford and Cambridge, and choose the most sought-after courses, including Law, Medicine, Architecture, and Engineering. Our acceptance to Cambridge and Oxford is excellent, and the overwhelming majority of our other pupils enter the very best universities, including Imperial, Edinburgh, Warwick, LSE and London.

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