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Young Speaker of the Year Award

Pupils at Ruthin School have been involved in English Speaking Board Examinations for over twenty years now. Our performance continues to improve year upon year with a consistent 100% pass rate, and an ever increasing percentage at ‘Distinction’ (36% this year) and ‘Merit Plus’ (39% this year).

Each year the English Speaking Board examiners nominate a number of entrants in the ‘Young Speaker of the Year’ award. This award is to celebrate the talent and progress that learners have shown in their assessments from the past year.

Last year there were over 56,000 entries and so we are delighted to announce that Morgan Robson, a Form 5 pupil, was one of the nine winners. Morgan is indeed a captivating speaker, and he demonstrated this in his examination earlier in the year where he received full marks for all sections. He was required to give a presentation on an aspect of Technology, recite a poem and offer a critical review of an aspect of media.

Morgan’s presentation on ‘The Exoskeleton’ was knowledgeable and fascinating, his poetry recital (‘Go Home’ by George Mpanga) was performed with a high level of understanding and his critical review on ‘Arrival’ (a Denis Villeneuve film) was exceptional. He was also required to handle a question and answer section which he conducted with great ease and confidence.

It was this critical review that Morgan showcased at the awards ceremony on Saturday 11th November. This took place at The Crown Plaza in Liverpool and Mr Belfield and I were delighted to attend along with Morgan’s parents. It was a marvellous occasion.

We are very proud of Morgan and this outstanding achievement; he has worked exceptionally hard and has been justly rewarded.

Posted on: November 15, 2017