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U18 Football v Oswestry

U18 Ruthin 1- 3 Oswestry
The first game of the season was never going to be easy and with a depleted squad of visiting Oswestry. New players had to adapt quickly to fit into the team; Laida, John, Charlton, Ohm, Nick and Finlay drafted in. A squad afflicted by injury meant Nathan and Ohm started as substitutes, Ruthin were forced to adopt a different formation, something alien to almost all the players.

The new formation made a strong Oswestry side hard to play against. Despite good play from centre backs George, Arun and John, Oswestry broke though twice to score. It was time for a change and a substitution was made, Charlton making way for Nathan. This allowed Ruthin to fall back into familiar strategy, despite dramatic changes; George moving into midfield, Mikita and Laida moving forward and Jace shifting to full back. This had an immediate effect, and with a strengthened defence, Ruthin were able to fight back onto the front foot and create chances. A long ball found Mikita and he battled well against two centre backs with a clinical finish. The first half ended 2-1.
Positions were shifted again, making it difficult for Ruthin to settle into the game. Ohm came on for Nick and aided George well in midfield, helping out the defence who also battled well, with strong performances from Nathan, Arun and newcomer John. Jay and Chris switched wings and caused problems, Jay in particular was confident in possession. Laida and Mikita found synergy up front and created numerous chances. However the goal didn’t come and Oswestry managed to pinch a third, ending the game.  Overall, a strong performance considering the depleted squad and the lack of familiarity between teammates. Man of the match went to John – a strong display on his debut!

Posted on: October 9, 2015