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Threatening attacks made the story of the whole game.

Two injured players, Harry and Mikita, did not play, but this did not cripple the morale of the team allowing Abylay and Duc to make their debuts. A compromise between the passing game and high balls proved to be the undoing of Shrewsbury School.

Sam sprinted towards goal from a back pass by their defender, and put the ball into the net to open the score.  A great passing move between Sam and Ianto late in the first half, led to Yidi scoring the second goal off a rebound. Shrewsbury managed to score, making it 2-1, this marked the end of the first half.

The second half was more exciting.  Mr Rimmer made two substitutions Duc for Yidi and Abylay for Alikhan at half time which both had immediate impacts.  Ianto started from the right and made an assist to Sam, the score was 3-1 within the first minute of the restart. Robin fed Duc the ball, who converted from the left making it 4 -1. He is the only Vietnamese to have scored in a school team match.

A hat trick for Sam made the score line 5-1. He chipped the ball with his left over the opponent’s keeper and the defender couldn’t stop it before it crossed the line. Ianto burst from the right late on, a couple of dribbles were made and he blasted the ball in at the near post. The score was 6-1. Shrewsbury couldn’t convert their attempts on goal, with Louis making solid saves. The match ended 6-1.

“The passing game today was executed to perfection; I think it is starting to become natural for us.” Gerald Ephraim reported.

Gordon Tang – School sports reporter        

Posted on: November 18, 2013