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The Salter’s Festival of Chemistry

It may have been an early start, but it meant a day off school! A drive to Liverpool and a quest for a parking space before we were welcomed to the University of Liverpool for a Chemistry Challenge.  Four Ruthin School pupils were split into pairs to carry out three experiments: chromatography, identifying a non-metal in acid and finally a series of pH tests. The overall theme was Crime Scene Forensics; each experiment designed to unearth another clue in the overall investigation.

The Salter's Festival is an annual event hosted by the University of Liverpool, designed to test the Chemistry skills of Year 7/8 pupils from a range of schools. It is intended to raise the profile of Chemistry and encourage pupils to see what can be achieved when working together in Science.

The final event was the University Challenge in which teams were given an apparatus, but no instructions. We had to devise a way to achieve a temperature of precisely 10.5°C. This, along with the forensics scenario, made the day enormous fun for all of us and created extremely competitive results.

Matthew (F1)  (Other F1 team members were Hannah (F2), Nonnie and Amy)

Posted on: June 19, 2015