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The Mousetrap

The Mousetrap – suspect everyone!
On Thursday, 21st April 2016, 48 of us from F3 to U6 went to the Liverpool Empire Theatre to see the 60th Anniversary production of Agatha Christie’s world famous murder mystery ‘The Mousetrap’.
 Without giving too much away, the play is about a group of people who are staying in a guest house called Monkshouse Manor. The play starts with the opening of the guest house and the owners, Mr and Mrs Ralston, waiting for the arrival of their 5 guests. The first guest is a young man who claims he is called Christopher Wren and that he is an architect. The next guest is Mrs Boyle, who is a rather unpleasant elderly lady. She is unhappy that Christopher was given the nicest room and that there seem to be no servants in the house. The other characters arrive in turn and include, the suspicious-looking Italian, Mr. Paravicini, Miss Casewell, who can be described as aloof and abrupt and Major Metcalf, who seems quite ordinary and normal.
 As it is winter and snowing heavily outside, the guests discover that the house has been cut off, which is why the guests are taken by surprise when a policeman arrives on skis to interrogate the guests who may have been connected to a murder that took place in London the day before. In an Agatha Christie play, one murder inevitably leads to another, but who is the guilty party? One by one, the secret past of each character is revealed, leading up to the climactic moment when the audience discovers the murderer’s identity and motive.
 The play was intriguing and the ending was not predictable due to a twist at the end, but we can’t tell you anymore about it because the cast made us promise to keep the secret of The Mousetrap!
 By Form 4

Posted on: May 10, 2016

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