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The House Football Competition

The Inter House football competition concluded at the beginning of this term.  Brunel won the KS3 league and Churchill won the KS4 league. In the Girls league, Churchill House are champions whilst in the Sixth Form Boys league Brunel beat Elgar to capture the league from Churchill on goal difference. The League tables are below and they show the position of all the houses.  These results meant that the overall champions of the football competition were Churchill House who gain the House Football Trophy.
Key Stage 3                     Key Stage 4
Brunel 20pts (1st)            Churchill 19 pts (1st)
Elgar 16 pts (2nd)            Newton 16 pts  (2nd)
Newton 10 pts (3rd)         Brunel 7 pts (3rd)
Churchill  8 pts (4th)          Austen 8 pts (4th)
Austen 6 pts (5th)             Elgar 4 pts (5th)

U6 Boys                      Girls
Brunel  18 pts (1st)          Churchill 18pts (1st)
Churchill  18 pts (2nd)     Austen 14 pts (2nd)
Austen  8 pts (3rd)         Elgar 14 pts (3rd)
Newton 7 pts (4th)          Newton 10 pts (4th)
Elgar 4 pts (5th)             Brunel 4 pts (5th)

Posted on: May 12, 2015