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Staff v Student Football Match

Ruthin Staff 6-1 Ruthin Upper 6th Students
The annual football match between Staff and Upper 6th students took place in fantastic sunny conditions on Thursday May 28th with a good school crowd gathered on the front field.
The staff team of willing volunteers were ready for the challenge and hoping to reverse the result from the previous three years. The new additions to the squad of Mr Robinson, Dr Edwards and Dr Hughes even allowed the staff to have three substitutes, even after the ‘rock’ himself – Mr Welsby- was out due to injury.
The Upper 6th had a mixed team with some strong regular players along with some reluctant volunteers, including the Head Boy, Benedict Choi.
The game started at a steady pace, which suited the staff. It soon became obvious that the team formation for the staff was working well with good interplay between all players. The staff soon took the lead with Ben Welsby playing a through ball to Mr Rimmer who calmly slotted the ball past Dominic in goal. This was the catalyst for the students to press forward with Gerald in midfield playing the ball through to Cheta who took a good shot which was well saved by Mr Hamer. The staff then took control of the game with Mr Robinson and Dr Edwards proving unplayable. Mr Robinson gained the ball in his own half and went on to execute a ‘Messi’ type run up the left wing. He took the ball around three players then placed the ball in to the far corner of the net for a great goal. The whistle blew for half time with the staff leading 2-0.
The staff made a couple of substitutions with Dr Wilton appearing along with Mr Owen-Booth. Professor O’Brien had a solid game but twisted his knee and retired to the bench. The pupils were now determined to get back in to the game with Louis in goal, collecting any through ball allowing for attacks by the students to take place. A number of students were playing well including Alan, Henry, Alex and Rowena. Oscar, Cheta, Louis and Gerald were playing well and driving the team forward. Gerald was put through by Oscar and drove towards the goal. Everyone thought he would score but Mr Hamer in goal knew different and made a tremendous save which was followed by a scream of delight! This allowed the staff to attack and it was noticeable that the students were now slightly despondent. The staff had a flurry of attacks which culminated in Mr Rimmer chipping Louis and although he got a hand to the ball it floated in to the net. Another quickly followed from a through ball played by Mr Heywood that allowed Mr French to run towards the goal, and on the second attempt, after a great save by Samuel Chan placed the ball in the corner of the net. Mrs Kenworthy was making some great tackles and after winning the ball passed it to Ben who played it through to Mr Rimmer. He drove forward and beat the oncoming Louis for his third and Ruthin’s 5th goal.
The students scored a consolation goal through Gerald and could have had a few more, if it was not for some poor finishing from Cheta and Oscar. The staff then rounded off the game with a fine individual goal from Ben Welsby, who shot from outside of the box into the top corner.
It was a fitting end to the match which was played in a friendly and sporting manner. Well done to everyone and we even had the Red Arrows flying over!

Posted on: June 8, 2015