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Sponsored Walk.

Form 1-3 completed the sponsored work in aid of their respective House Charities on Wednesday.   It was a very successful afternoon as most pupils were able to reach the summit and make their way back to school.  There was lots of encouragement from staff; Mrs Kenworthy was determined that no one from her house were going to drop out!  It was really nice to see students encouraging others who were having difficulty- usually bribing them with sweets!  Pupils could be heard talking, laughing and moaning as there was no wi-fi!  The weather turned out fine, so there were some great views on our way down.  Some of the students even found a sheep skeleton!  The walk was very enjoyable and gave me the chance to chat to people whilst enjoying the fresh air.

Several students raised over £70 for their house charities, Austen (Marpha Foundation), Brunel (Cancer Research UK), Churchill (Hope House), Elgar (St Kentigerns) and Newton (Unicef), which is fantastic.

Dr Wilton, Biology

Posted on: May 26, 2016

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