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Snowdonia Mountain Walk, 20th January

Excitement generated from last week’s walk to Cwm Idwal in Snowdonia had left some boarders hungry for more. Dr Hannant was at the helm again as the group of hardy adventurers trekked around the slopes of Moel Siabod (which is Welsh for “shapely hill”). The 8km route was full of variety and started on a track which climbed through ancient woodland before levelling out on open moorland. This provided Amin and Ahmed endless opportunities to pelt the other walkers with snowballs, although they were also on the receiving end of appropriate retaliation! The path then passed through coniferous woodlands, which looked stunning under their snowy coating. More climbing brought them to a series of waterfalls, which, cascaded through the snow leaving enormous icicles on either side. The group tracked the streams uphill to the outflow from Llyn y Foel, a frozen lake, which left everyone in amazement and it provided the perfect chance to stop for lunch. Winter conditions meant it was not suitable for an attempt to make the summit of the mountain – this would have to wait until summer. The hill fog descended and it was time to get moving again – this time a tiring trudge through knee deep snow was required to bring the walkers to the descent path. Amin and Ahmed were beginning to regret wasting their energy on snowball fights at this point and the pace slowed. However, everybody made it back to the minibus safely and had earned some spectacular memories for their effort.


Posted on: January 31, 2013