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Snowdon Mountain Walk

Saturday 16th May was a bright and breezy day: ideal for a 12km hike up the highest mountain in Wales, Snowdon. There are several routes up the mountain and Dr Hannant had selected the most strenuous option, which involved more than 1000m of ascent. Abylay, Bassam, Abhay, Sophia and even Dr Hughes (Head of Science) decided that they were up for the challenge!
The path initially climbed through ancient woodlands and past picturesque waterfalls before we trekked over marshy grasslands to the back of the valley. The going became much tougher at this point and the party ascended steeply onto the crest of Snowdon’s long South Ridge. The students enjoyed scrambling up the rocky sections and the exposure on the arête was thrilling! The summit arrived after nearly 4 hours of tough ascent and it was time for rest and refreshments before making the long descent. The students slept well on the minibus journey back to school, but there is no doubt that this day has provided a superb and enjoyable life experience.

Posted on: June 8, 2015