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Schools Analyst Competition

11th April was the date of the annual Schools Analyst Competition, funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Our regional heat took place in Bangor University and Patrick Chen, Anh Nguyen and Murray Whitehead were representing Ruthin School. We arrived to find that we were up against teams from 15 schools and colleges from across North Wales but we were confident nonetheless. This year’s task involved the investigation of counterfeit drugs and involved the use of UV-Vis spectroscopy – fortunately, Patrick was already experienced with this technique because he attended the "Spectroscopy in a suitcase" session, held earlier this term. The team gained superb results and worked together efficiently. They achieved 3rd place overall, which represents a fantastic achievement, although there was some frustration because after the event they identified a very minor calculation error that could have improved their ranking,
Overall, they gained a lot from the day and they were rewarded with a bag of Bangor University merchandise. After the event they were treated to some flashy chemistry demonstrations in the lecture theatre, and sampled some ice cream made with liquid nitrogen! A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all.

Posted on: April 18, 2013