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School Analyst Competition

Angela, May and Caira travelled to Bangor University to enter the annual Schools’ Analyst Competition, sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry, where they competed against teams from schools all over North Wales. This year, students had to determine the concentration of a solution using the techniques of atomic absorption and ultra-violet spectroscopy. The Ruthin School team were well prepared and had rehearsed a similar practical in the school labs beforehand. However, the relatively straightforward task meant many teams achieved ideal results – it was then up to the judges to decide on the winner. Unfortunately, despite the excellent efforts of the our team, we did not get picked out as winners. The girls were still very upbeat about their experience in a university environment and gained an insight into some analytical methods that would not be encountered on their A-level course. They also agreed that the buffet lunch was delicious! Hopefully our younger chemists will have better luck at the Salters Festival of Chemistry in June.

Posted on: April 25, 2014