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Ruthin v Oswestry Match

It was always going to be tough. Ruthin had lost 6-1 in their previous meeting with Oswestry, but with the return of Sam and Ianto, moral remained high and Ruthin entered the game positively. The tempo was controlled and the pressure remained high. Eventually, Ruthin's hard work paid off with a clever combination of passes between the Jones brothers resulted in Sam receiving the ball and scoring. This was followed up in quick succession, with Sam earning his brace after a great solo effort.

However, Oswestry were not beaten. They came surging back, creating numerous chances barely contained by the defence; with credit also going to some acrobatics from Louis. The first half ended with the score 2-0 for Ruthin.

The second half began as the first half had – Ruthin pressure resulting in a goal. Mikita latched on to a through ball, beat the keeper and slotted Ruthin's third goal. Ruthin were then put on the back foot, with Oswestry going all out on the attack. A mixture of complacency and Oswestry's desperate attacking resulted in a goal for the visitors. This caused Ruthin to get back into the game, with some excellent performances from the defenders, who helped put Ruthin back on the attack. Oswestry refused to lie down, and scored again, with rapid play beating the defenders to give Oswestry a tap in. This was the last of their chances. From that kick-off, Ruthin gave Oswestry no chances. The defenders held, the midfield dominated and the attackers created more chances. Final score, Ruthin 3- Owestry 2.

It was a great performance from all players; a clear improvement in the last few weeks. The men of the match were Richard and George. Special mention for Iestyn who showed calmness and vision beyond his young years, one for the future!

Posted on: October 28, 2014