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Ruthin School returns to Snowdon

It has been almost exactly two years since our last venture up Snowdon – the highest mountain in Wales. This year's brave adventurers were Francine, Teleri, Benedict, Katherine, Olivia, Duc, Minh Bui and Alvin.

The weather could not have been kinder as we set off from up the Watkin Path with well over 1000m of ascent and a 12km walk ahead of us. The river was sparkling blue as it cascaded down rocks beside our path, but then we broke away from the Watkin Path to take in approach Snowdon via its spectacular south ridge. The path threaded along the narrow crest and tested our head for heights. This was the first time that any of these students had taken on a proper mountain and the challenge of the journey meant very regular rest stops were required. After four hours of walking, we finally reached the summit! However, being Good Friday, we had to share it with many hundreds of people. The summit cafe was open and this provided respite from the exposure to the sunshine and also the altitude!

We had planned to descend the Watkin Path, but the loose scree on the upper section slowed us down. Eventually we made it to a nice solid path which led all the way back to the minibus. Benedict, Teleri and Francine had plenty of energy left so went on ahead to cool their aching feet in the mountain stream near the car park. The descent was very long, and Olivia, Katherine and Alvin had reached the limits of their endurance – but they dug deep and proved they could make it. Their efforts will be rewarded with lifelong memories of an outstanding adventure.

Posted on: April 25, 2014