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Ruthin School has its best results day ever.

Today the results for A Level and AS Level were published and students finally received their individual grades and marks.
A Level results
The number of A Level students was very small this year, with only 7 students in Year 13. Their results, however, were all better than predicted.
Kranny Cheng (Hong Kong) received the best A Level results (3 As and 1 B).
AS Level results
The AS Level students in Year 12 did particularly well giving the School its best ever set of AS results. These students, recruited from around the world, demonstrated their academic brilliance. Several students achieved over 90% (the figure for the new A* at A Level) in at least 4 subjects – with some achieving 100% in all modules.
The top AS students were:
Saakar Byahut (Nepal)           [4 A*]
Sampada KC (Nepal)              [4 A*]
Tina Nguyen (Vietnam)           [4 A*]
Chau Vo (vietnam)                   [4 A*]
Bill Zhang (China)                    [4 A*]
Trang Nguyen (Vietnam)        [3 A*, 1 A, 1 B]
Chi Nguen (Vietnam)               [3 A*, 1 A]
Britta Tarvis (Estonia)            [3 A*, 1 A]

Viet Nguyen (Vietnam)            [2 A*, 2 A]
Charlotte Tao (China)             [2 A*, 1 A, 1 B]
Alicia Chau (Hong Kong)        [2 A*, 1 A, 1 B]
Vivian Lin (China)                     [2 A*, 1 A, 1 B]
Cynthia Zou (China)                 [1 A*, 4 A]
Ryan Chau (Hong Kong)         [1 A*, 3A]
A* = 90% – 100%
A = 80% – 89%
B = 70% – 79%
Congratulations to all the sixth form students for their hard work in achieving today’s results.
Toby Belfield

Posted on: August 20, 2009

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