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Ruthin School Gain the Green Flag Award

The Eco School Committee are very pleased to announce that we have gained our Green Flag. This is a prestigious award which is recognised globally. Many pupils around the world make it their mission for their schools and communities to become more environmentally friendly.
At Ruthin, pupils have planted 30 trees on the back field in wet, dark and cold conditions, as well as planting another 30 in the nursery behind boys boarding. The pupils have built an allotment with the professional help of Mr Welsby.  We have also harvested a number of crops. With a little weeding we hope to plant some more crops soon!
Pupils have also completed a number of activities within the school including assemblies to promote sustainability within the school.
We hope our accomplishments will continue and with the support of all pupils, staff and school community we hope to make it an even bigger triumph.
Any pupils who are interested in helping during activities or at weekends are encouraged to see Mrs Kenworthy.

Posted on: January 17, 2012

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