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Ruthin School football v Shrewsbury

After winning the first game against Shrewsbury, Ruthin had high hopes. A larger squad than normal was present, with each player aiming to help the team on. The enthusiasm was evident from the off, with Ruthin control being the theme of the first half. George and Gerald were stalwarts in the midfield, allowing the strikers to have many chances while acrobatics from Louis kept Shrewsbury out whenever they put together a meaningful counterattack. A combination of bad luck and Shrewsbury defending were Ruthin’s downfall, but eventually a combined effort from Mikita and Alikhan saw the ball reach the back of the net. There were many other close attempts, with long range efforts and Alikhan and Iestyn hitting the post.
Ruthin needed to maintain this effort to protect the advantage, but a lapse in concentration saw a Shrewsbury head in an equaliser. After an hour’s solid performance, Nathan went to clear the ball while a Shrewsbury striker attempted to shoot. The outcome was an impact of boot and leg with Nathan coming worse off leading to a trip to A&E.
His absence left a gap in Ruthin’s defence. This forced Ruthin into a dramatic reshuffle; Arun coming from left to centre-back, with Jason switching wings, Mikita morphing from striker to winger, and Cheta moving from the midfield to striker. Despite this unfamiliar setup, Ruthin maintained decent quality of play, continuing to attack. However, the Shrewsbury wingers revelled in the full back’s confusion and took opportunities to score twice in quick succession. Ruthin would not back down though. Despite few minutes left on the clock, Ruthin continued to play hard, persistence paying off with a goal from George after a scruffy encounter in the box. Shrewsbury were in disarray and Ruthin had free reign, but the equaliser was not meant to be. Overall, a courageous performance, with the team adapting well to a crisis. George was Man of the Match.  Final result – Ruthin 2 – 3 Shrewsbury
Report by Arun T

Posted on: November 14, 2014