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Ruthin Football v Shrewsbury

Having suffered a defeat to begin to season, Ruthin went into the Shrewsbury game with something to prove. The strongest squad in a long time was selected, with Iestyn, Tom and Osian joining the U-18s. Ruthin began extremely positively, taking hold of the game from the back through the pitch. The defence held together extremely well, Osian playing his first U-18 game like a natural. This took pressure off the rest of the team and Ruthin were on the attack for most the first half. The pressure eventually paid off with a great through ball from Mikita being finished by Laida. A set piece for Shrewsbury gave the visitors an equaliser but Ruthin immediately reacted, attacking hard. A well taken goal from Mikita gave Ruthin a 2-1 lead into half time.
The second half began with Tom coming on for Jay, who had connected well with the attackers. Ruthin continued their incessant pressing, putting pressure on the opposition. Every team member did their job, Nathan and Arun imperious in defence aided by Osian and Jace, with the midfield dominated by George and John. This allowed the attackers to flourish, and Laida and Mikita never failed to deliver, with the help of Tom and Iestyn. Another goal from Laida was followed up by more attacking, leading to a stunning strike across goal from Iestyn, scoring his first goal for the U-18s. Mikita sealed things by beating the Shrewsbury keeper to the ball, scoring and injuring the keeper in the process! Subs Ohm, Chalton and Christopher fitted well into the game and held their own, securing a deserved win.
In short, a well- gelled team with confidence in each other. Every team member did well, and the team played well together and outplayed the opposition. Men of the match were Laida for two well taken goals (The only thing more exuberant were his celebrations!) and Osian for an accomplished senior debut.  Final result Ruthin 5 – 1 Shrewsbury
Written by Arun T

Posted on: October 19, 2015

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