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Roentgenium Award

Olivia Li took part in the 2014 Cambridge Chemistry Challenge back in June and was delighted to find that she achieved the highest award, the Roentgenium, which placed in the top 0.8% of the 6866 students who entered the competition! Winners of this award, from top schools throughout the UK, were invited to the Royal Society in London to give a presentation about an element of their choice. This took place on Monday 17th November and I was proud to be escorting her to this prestigious venue. Olivia's element of choice was Mercury, and she delivered her presentation about it's unusual properties with conviction and confidence. Trophies were presented to both Olivia and to the School as further reward for her success. It was a great honour for Ruthin School to be involved with this event and we are extremely grateful to all of the staff at St Catherine's College, Cambridge and their sponsors from Saudi Aramco for making this event possible. Olivia joins Patrick Chen and Stephen Hou on Ruthin School's ever growing list of Roentgenium award winners. We now look to the current lower sixth chemists to pick up the gauntlet in the 2015 Cambridge Chemistry Challenge!

Posted on: December 3, 2014