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OR wins International award

Jonathan Andrews who was a pupil at the School until taking a place at the University of York in 2005 graduated recently with an honours degree in Electronic Engineering. His final Year project explored the use of multimedia technology in a museum setting working closely with the director of York Museum. The project was so innovative that Jonathan was awarded  the ARM Prize for the best B. Eng project at the University of York. The University nominated Jonathan and another undergraduate who had also worked on aspects of the multimedia project  which they named" face2face" for a SET Award. SET is Europe’s most important Science and Technology Education Awards. The award Ceremony was held at the Inter Continental Hotel in London.
Following a black tie dinner attended by hundreds of technology  students, academics, senior Industry executives as well as senior figures from government,  scientific and technicalinstitutions and the media"face2face” was announced as the overall winner in the Electronic Engineering category. Jonathan and his colleague were delighted to win this award and to know that their innovation and hard work had been recognized nationally against competition from other leading Universities.
{"face2face" is an interactive display system that takes a photograph of a visitor as they enter a museum and collects some basic information about them. It then uses that information and the photograph in several exhibits around the museum, dictated by the information given, as a way of making the visitor’s journey a more personalised and engaging experience.}
John Rowlands

Posted on: October 17, 2009