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North Wales Coast Geography Trip

Friday 15th June saw Form 2 preparing for an expected soggy Geography Coastal outing, after all Mrs Kenworthy had organised it! However, it turned out to be a far better day than expected. Dr Green seemed to bring a much needed ray of sunshine to the expedition. Form 2 have been studying coastal erosion and coastal management and as such were taken to a number of locations along the North Wales coast, starting in Talacre and ending up in Llandudno. Some slight drizzle occurred at the beginning of the day but the pupils persevered and collected all their data which included measuring the angles of the beach and the roundness of pebbles and stones at different locations along the beach. Of course no fieldtrip is complete without the compulsory hot chocolate and as we were at the seaside chips for lunch!


Posted on: June 21, 2012