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New Year Celebrations!

Students from China and Vietnam have been celebrating the beginning of the Luna New Year and red letters have been changing hands containing good luck gifts. Of course, this traditionally involves eating a lot of food so 31 students joined Dr Hannant and Miss Zhou on a coach to Fuxions – an all you can eat Chinese buffet restaurant. In previous years we have taken more than 100 students but, because the trip took place in half term, the number of diners was much lower this year – however, we were all determined to compensate for this by eating multiple plates of food! With such a variety of food on display it would have been rude not to try everything, right?! Qing won the contest for getting the most food onto a single plate and Miss Zhou won the dubious honour of eating more than Victor. Our Shengyang students were more civilised and created their own mini-buffet by filling their table plates of food to share. Jennifer Ta, who has been at Ruthin School for five years (and attended the new year all-you-can-eat trip every year), was becoming sentimental about this being her last chance to share in this experience. Everybody else is already looking forward to next year’s celebrations!

Wishing everybody a very happy and prosperous Year of the Snake!

Posted on: February 27, 2013

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