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Netball v Brynhyfryd School

Last Wednesday, Ruthin’s U16 netball team travelled across the road to play Ysgol Brynhyfryd. This was only our third match together, so the team was feeing nervous. However, most of the girls were confident in their own ability to deliver a strong performance, and the team’s main goal was to keep our level of play constant. When we arrived at Brynhyfryd, we soon realised this was going to be a tough match as our opponents were fast paced with a strong defensive and attacking play.
The first third of the match began with Brynhyfryd taking the first goal. However, strong and aggressive defence from Buddug and Cara stopped this from happening again. Going into the second third we were leading 2-1, however the team was not linking our set phases of play together, so there was room to improve. As the second third started it soon became clear we had the upper hand. With a sudden change in tactics from Emily and Lydia, we had new opportunities. These two  worked well together to evade their opponents, creating space and providing quick feeding  passes to the shooters. With Didi and Caitlin’s accurate shooting and agile footwork, the pair had soon scored another five goals between them. This meant our lead increased to 7-3.
In the final third Brynhyfryd came back fighting, and soon we began to tire. Mistakes crept into our game, and we needed to rethink our strategy. Cara and Sophie began to slow down the pace of the game in their defensive positions. These fresh tactics, combined with both players’ impressive marking and interceptions, meant we soon had possession.  The hard work and determination in the final section of the match meant we closed the game 9-6.

Posted on: March 24, 2014