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Matthew & Chi Interview S4C Presenter

Last Wednesday the peaceful reverie of our little school was shattered by an imposing convoy of trailer trucks which promptly bore down the school drive and parked outside our sports hall. Their purpose? To perform a live TV broadcast of the Welsh TV programme “Pawb a’i Farn”, which was then aired directly on Channel S4C.

The programme is very similar in style to BBC’s “Question time”, and like its English counterpart “Pawb a’i Farn” is a current affairs programme that deals with the hot topics of the day. The broadcasting crew travel from town to town in Wales and they host a discussion involving local residents and politicians, tackling the current issues within the Welsh region.
Chi and I had an opportunity to interview the programme’s presenter Dewi Llywd, but before that we were given a quick tour around the set. It is quite a breathtaking sight seeing our sports hall converted into something that looked like a scene from Hollywood. The panoramic black curtains, the heavy duty lighting and the half dozen or so cameras made the interior of the building unrecognisable.
After we were finished being gob smacked, we had our interview. Our first impression of our interviewee was that of a pleasant, open and extremely confident man. Exactly what we would expect from an interviewer of his experience. After exchanging pleasantries Chi and I began our discussion, we were very much surprised to hear that Dewi Llywd had been a journalist for 30 years, as he described how his interest for the job developed when he was a young child listening to the radio, we could see that his passion and dedication to his job was very much real.
He went on to discuss his program and how he was using it as an opportunity to get the best out of local audiences so that politicians can hear and understand the needs and concerns of the populace, hopefully influencing them to make the appropriate changes.
Mr Llywd also talked about his experience interviewing the Dalai Lama, a detail that left Chi and I much impressed. As impressive as his career was though, that Mr Llywd stuck to doing what he loved the most is what I find the most inspiring. Even though he could have pursed a better paid job in London he chose to stay in Wales doing what he enjoyed. In one sentence, Dewi Llywd summed up his feelings for his job with the words “I wouldn’t want to do anything else.”
I hope that all of us here in Ruthin School can find the same passion and contentment doing our jobs.
Matthew Cheung

Posted on: February 21, 2012