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Lunar New Year Celebrations

Austen House's students organised the 2016 Lunar New Year celebrations, the Year of the Monkey. Well in advance of the celebration, 6th Form boarders’ took on various organisational roles such as: dining room decorators, sign writers, table decorators and entertainment organisers. Our dining room was transformed into a venue for a celebration with red and gold lanterns hanging from the ceiling, colourful dragons adorning the windows and hand written messages on the walls.

The evening began with a meal, prepared by the catering department with our students enjoying a traditional selection of Chinese food and also their favourite Asian food. Specially selected background music, both traditional and modern, played during the meal which was followed by extracts from New Year entertainment programmes. The audience participated by signing the New Year song. To complete the evening the karaoke began with a duet from Head Boy, Leo and Nyilany and several other groups contributed to the success of the evening. It was a truly international celebration.


Posted on: February 22, 2016