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Loggerheads Walk

This week’s Wednesday trip for forms 1 and 2 was to Loggerheads. It was perfect spring sunshine and this woodland venue was alive with the sound of birdsong and cascading streams. There was plenty of historical interest too, with many remains of the old lead-mining infrastructure dotted along the riverside.


Our target today was Devil’s Gorge – a cleft in the cliffs used by miners to dig out the lead ore in the 19th century. Our route took us over the top of the gorge via a footbridge before we descended inside to have a look. Some students remarked that it would be the perfect home for Gollum from the Hobbit!

Once we had explored the gorge we walked up to the clifftops to enjoy views of Moel Famau (our local highest peak). Having already walked for several miles, the students were looking forward to getting down to the visitor centre to buy ice-cream – but they still had one last obstacle: an airy cliffside path that would test their head for heights and provide a memorable finish to a great afternoon.


Posted on: April 28, 2022