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Liverpool University Geography Workshop

The Lower and Upper Geography 6th Form groups were very lucky in being able to experience firsthand University learning on Thursday 8th May. Pupils were split into two groups and took part in two workshops which were linked to their A-level course. The University has invested millions into a state of the art GIS suite and investigative lab: the only one in the UK.
During the first session pupils analysed lead concentrations in soil which was linked to river processes to see how safe an area is and where best to live and farm.  Students gained experience of a river simulator and could see the processes of a river first hand. The second session involved data analysis and linking to population trends in areas of the UK, seeing first-hand the impacts of fertility rate, migration and education on the profiles of the geographical area. Both sessions were very closely linked to the syllabus and were, therefore, an excellent aid to their revision for the upcoming examination. Pupils were then given a guided tour and got a feel for University life, which many will experience very soon!

Posted on: May 9, 2014